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Practical Guide to ABAP ARAP
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A practical guide to ABAP RAP: Building Base

Hello Technophiles!! Welcome to the second part of our blog series on ABAP RAP (ABAP RESTful Application Programming model). In the first part (visit here), we discussed about different programming models of...

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A practical guide to ABAP RAP: Introduction

Hello Technophiles, Welcome to the first part of our five-part blog series where we will elucidate and emphasize on ABAP RAP. By the end of this blog series, you will get a deep understanding of different pr...

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A Beginners Guide to ABAP

ABAP, a proprietary language developed by SAP, is a versatile language that accommodates the ever-changing business needs of customers. An introduction to ABAP can only begin with a hat-tip to SAP. SAP? ...