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SAP CPI vs. MuleSoft vs. Boomi vs. ….. revisited

Comparisons are dished out to us every day, everywhere. We hardly make a buy without comparing. Comparisons like Android vs iPhone, Xbox vs PS, Pepsi vs Coke are perpetual sources of debate. Just yesterday, I s...

What do APIs have to do with HXM

What do APIs have to do with HXM?

I’m often asked about the efficacy of APIs in Human eXperience Management. Here’s my take on it. HXM is all about employee enablement and democracy. Employees having access to data and processes that they never...


Confessions of a self-anointed Cloud Integration Lego Master

As yet another exciting cloud integration gig draws to an end, I sit here ruminating over everything that transpired over the last years in the cloud/hybrid integration space and I’ve some confessions to ...


How to integrate SuccessFactors to SAP HCM via Mulesoft

Recently, we worked on a bespoke customer implementation involving SAP SuccessFactors, SAP HCM Payroll and Mulesoft. MuleSoft is an enterprise-grade Integration Platform as a Service (EIPaaS – yes...


Three reasons why we are all „just“ integrtrs at integrtr GmbH

When Girish and I decided to start integrtr in Germany, we also just decided to call ourselves “integrtrs” – no fancy CXO titles. Well, this didn’t go unquestioned. Quite a lot of our friends, connections...