Integration Mapper


Integration Mapper

Mappings made easy

Ease of work and error reduction starts right at the specification with INTEGRTR.

Kick start your integration mappings based on predefined templates (for SAP SuccessFactors, SAP HCM and more) created by our integration experts. These templates automate the creation of all necessary mappings so that you never miss out whats needs for sure and race to the first employee replication in no time

The rich collaboration features lets the whole integration team work closely on the same mapping table. The versioning capabilities lets you track how your mappings and even systems changed over the course of your project.

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Map & Transform

  • Central

    Single Source of truth for your Integration Mapping.

  • Collaboration

    Collaboration platform for all parties involved – EC consultant, HR Functional Expert and Integration consultant.

  • Versioning

    Versioning helps gives the project team maximum flexibility

  • Terminology

    Eases the communication and eliminates misunderstandings when it comes to different terminologies.

  • Automation

    Automatically generates the integration configuration (SAP)

Functions & Features

  • Content

    Choose from a selection of predefined integration templates to benefit from solid starting point for your integration realization phase. Make your race to the first employee happen!

  • Automated Mapping

    Upload your Meta data from SuccessFactors and the targeted system and create your first mapping automated.

  • Collaboration

    Have the integration team work on the mapping in a collaborative mode on a central platform. Take advantage of color coding and highlighting of recent changes as well as a commenting functionality and translation of terminology.

  • Versioning

    Save as many mapping versions as you want and switch between different versions. Have full transparency of your mapping history and extend it if needed to match future demands.

  • SAP Programs

    INTEGRTR provides the needed SAP reports to extract and generate the metadata files for field and value mappings, as well as a program to automtically configure SAP Business Integration Builder (BiB).

Integration Mapper

Pricing and Plan

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