How to integrate SuccessFactors to SAP HCM via Mulesoft

Recently, we worked on a bespoke customer implementation involving SAP SuccessFactors, SAP HCM Payroll and Mulesoft.

MuleSoft is an enterprise-grade Integration Platform as a Service (EIPaaS – yes, indeed a new Gartner coinage ) that’s comparable to Dell Boomi or SAP CPI in terms of capabilities and offering.

The bespoke business case is the classic Hire to Pay use case. Hire on Employee Central, Pay on SAP HCM Payroll – all via Mulesoft as the EIPaaS and not SAP CPI. The question here is not about whether CPI is better than Mule or vice versa. EIPaaS for an enterprise is a strategic decision – made based on all the integration needs, IT and business. And, business means HR too. Routing only the Hire to Pay process via CPI, albeit CPI being „free“, would break this mould. 

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At integrtr, we’re IPaaS agnostic and would want to get our hands on as many IPaaSs as possible. MuleSoft as an IPaaS is a top choice for a lot of customers, especially in the NA market. Hence, we decided to build a generic plug, configure and play MuleSoft template process, well beyond the auspices of what the bespoke necessitated, to replicate employee data from SuccessFactors EC to SAP HCM. More on the template in this whitepaper.

Looking forward to your bouquets, brickbats and suggestions.