Integration Monitor


Integration Monitor

SuccessFactors Integration Monitoring made easy with INTEGRTR.monitor.

Monitoring what’s important is critical for smooth operations – whether you have thousands of employees or limited data changes on a daily basis. Monitor your SuccessFactors Employee-Central to SAP HXM/HCM/ERP Replication or any other 3rd Party Integration.

Our tailored solutions help you monitor your integration project at different stages in the right manner. From aggregated error analysis during initial data load to instant notifications on Microsoft Teams/Slack/Email – we’ve got you covered.

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Unified Integration Monitoring

  • Visualize

    Reliable Integration Monitor that visualizes the results from multiple sources in your working environment. Receive automated notifications or have it integrated in your SuccessFactors landing page.

  • Efficiency

    Improve Transparency & efficiency of your team on finding and resolving integration errors.

  • Data Quality

    Consecutively improve your Data quality

  • Unify

    Monitor multiple systems with one centralized solution

  • Assign, Track & Resolve

    Integrated tracking – seamlessly create tasks from the Monitor & Track the process at your fingertip.
    Integration to selected ticketing and collaboration platforms e.g. Asana.

Functions & Features

  • Automated Classification

    Findings are classified, e.g. if they are HR data or technical errors and automatically grouped. Grouped findings can be mass processed. HR data error reports can be called directly from the HR Admins application, e.g. the SuccessFactors Landing page. Technical errors forwarded to the IT team for further processing.

  • Collaboration

    Collaboration capability to assign findings directly to team members. Integrates into other Collaboration and Ticketing Platforms. e.g. Asana, JIRA, etc.

  • Notification

    Automated notifications of error reports into multiple channels e.g. Slack, Team, E-Mail, etc.

  • Increased efficiency

    Different display & reporting options. Download and share generated reports.

  • Aggregate

    Aggregated Logs. Monitor multiple integrations in one platform.