Query your OData APIs

DataFlow is a query builder for OData APIs, as used with SuccessFactors. Although it’s a generic query builder internally, DataFlow has a „citizen integration“ flavor to it to let power users get their stuff done without getting into technical details.

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Query your SuccessFactors Data

Why Cloud API Query?

Easily access and query your SuccessFactors Data. Not only during the integration project set-up, it is key to easily access your data, parsing your data structure in a user friendly way.
Also in your day to day business you want to look up data, or save queries to make your data more accessible. A benefit you do not want to miss.

  • User Friendly

    Build and Create your cloud query without loosing yourself in technical details.

  • Easy Set-up

    Either install it locally on the working station or use the INTEGRTR.platform (coming soon).

  • Accelerate

    Must have for every integration project to retrieve needed information on the spot.

Functions & Features

  • Real Time

    Connect and query your data in realtime. No data storage of your HR data on your device.

  • Easy Access

    Easily access your SuccessFactors Data structures. Build your queries on the fly and drill deeper.

  • Save

    Create and save your queries, so that you can run them whenever needed. This makes your routine even more efficient.


Pricing and Plan

Sign-up for a 14 day free trial. No costly surprises.


Platform Access
Starts at €90 /month
one User already included.
  • platform.INTEGRTR all Access
  • Access & Use all INTEGRTR Apps
  • Access Integration content (pay per use)
  • Receive all updates
  • Remote support
  • In platform purchases for additional content and services possible

Single Application only

Solution purchase
Individual offer
  • Only want to purchase and use a single solution.
  • Install on your landscape.
  • Maintain & Upgrade individually
  • Receive yearly updates