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Integration Lifecycle Management

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Accelerate your project lifecycle with INTEGRTR.platform

Give your digital transformations the boost they always needed with our proprietary platform.

INTEGRTR’s integration lifecycle management (InLiMa) helps improve different stages of an integration project – from Pre-Sales, Post Go-Live to production. All this while managing important project information in one central place.

Our available plugs/connectors to enterprise systems & different middlewares like SAP CPI, boomi amongst others ensure that you have a central platform for all your integration needs.

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Platform overview

INTEGRTR accelerators & products

  • Digital Transformer

    Visualize your landscape

    With INTEGRTR Digital Transformer application, you can visualize your system landscape, go from As-Is to To-Be, and get intelligent digital transformation proposals.

    Custom built for designing landscape diagrams, it supports pre-defined systems and guides you with possible integration flows to help you create your proposals in no time.

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  • DataFlow

    Query your SuccessFactors Data

    CAQ is a query builder for SuccessFactors OData APIs. Although it’s a generic query builder internally, CQA for SF will have a „citizen integration“ flavor to it to let power users get their stuff done without getting into technical details.

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  • Integration Mapper

    Mappings made easy

    Ease of work and error reduction starts right at the specification with integrtr.

    Kick start your integration mappings based on predefined templates (for SAP SuccessFactors, SAP HCM and more) created by our integration experts. These templates automate the creation of all necessary mappings so that you never miss out whats needs for sure and race to the first employee replication in no time

    The rich collaboration features lets the whole integration team work closely on the same mapping table. The versioning capabilities lets you track how your mappings and even systems changed over the course of your project.

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  • HR Test Data Generator

    Generate solid Testdata

    Automatically generate Employee data for testing purposes, having all needed master data covered. Test data is generated meeting your test scenario and system set-up.

    High quality, valid test data is the basis of your testing phase. Lack of such will lead to a false conclusion of your test phase, jeopardizing the success of your integration project.

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  • Monitoring

    Monitor what matters

    Monitoring what’s important is critical for smooth operations – whether you have thousands of employees or limited data changes on a daily basis.

    Our tailored solutions help you monitor your integration project at different stages in the right manner. From aggregated error analysis during initial data load to instant notifications on Microsoft Teams/Slack/Email – we’ve got you covered.

    With the integrated Task functionality, assign & resolve errors.

    Easily assign errors discovered and reported by the Monitor, to the right staff in your organization and track the status. Optional, we also provide standard integrations to the major ticketing tools out there.

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  • Data Load Manager (DLM)

    Store, test, repeat.

    Check, validate and create full transparency on your intial data load.

    Store a data load in case the initial data load after migration goes wrong. Lift and shift Data to other systems, giving you maximum security and flexibility.

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