SAP HXM Integrations

Cloud Integration Services


SAP / SuccessFactors Integration

With the use of cloud services, today’s companies have an ever-increasing need to manage their hybrid system landscapes. The more efficient digitization and data flow, the higher the business value and competitiveness.

We advise companies on their way to the cloud. Our focus is on planning and executing the appropriate integration scenario, to best support the business requirements in terms of feasibility, TCO and stability.

Integrating the INTEGRTR way

  • Phase 1: Discover & Design

    Evaluate the possibilities and options to move to the cloud. Nail down your technical strategy and start the digital transformation process.

  • Phase 2: Realize

    Let’s do it! Integration Blueprinting, Functional Consulting, What-if Analysis, Data Architecture, Tech. Architecture and Design.
    Execute the Integration implementation – We deliver high quality integrations on the middleware of choice.

  • Phase 3: Run

    We support the Go-Life & Ongoing Support. Starting with data migration, Hypercare, Training and Support.
    Integration Monitoring services for ongoing improvements, stabilization and full transparency.


Supporting the complete integration lifecycle

  • Cloud Strategy

    We create your digital transformation roadmap to the cloud and guide you through it.

  • Technical Integration Services

    Our technical experts deliver high quality integrations on-time and budget.

  • Cloud Support Services (iCSS)

    We support, maintain and harden your integration and perfectly blend into your support organization.

  • Fully Managed Cloud Services

    Focus on your key business and let cloudintegrtr take care of your cloud integration operation. We perfectly blend in your existing AMS organisation or bring working support set-up.

Stop wasting time on inefficient, manual processes and leverage the full potential of integrations. Let’s get started


HXM Integration Experience

INTEGRTR has a distinct experience when it comes to the integration with SuccessFactors and other HR platforms. We integrate anything from and to SAP Cloud Platforms and solutions.

Based on the expertise and experience from all INTEGRTRs combined, we created a best of breed methodology – the INTEGRTR way – to run and execute successful integration projects.


Integration Projects


Combined integration experience in years.

The INTEGRTR Methodology

Team INTEGRTR created an integration methodology as a reliable guideline to run and execute successful integration projects, especially for the SAP / SuccessFactors HXM space. This way all our clients and partners can benefit from our yearlong experience and expertise.

The INTEGRTR methodology is also reflected and supported by the INTEGRTR.platform and solutions portfolio. They go hand in hand, and should be used to improve the project delivery in every phase.

  • 1. Blueprint

    Business Process Articulation

    Target System Mapping

    System Roles & Responsibilities

    Iterative Mapping Exercise

  • 2. Configure & Implement

    Import Metadata information

    Configure BiB

    Custom Implementation



  • 3. Testing

    Unit Testing

    End to End integration Testing (Hire to Retire)

    Process Scenario Testing

    Regression testing

  • 4. Cut over & Go-live

    Prepare systems

    Data Migration & Infotype splits

    Freeze Systems

    The „Max Mustermann“ run

    First ever full run

    Subsequent Delta run

  • 5. Run / Maintenance

    Monitor replications

    Bug fixes


    Change Requests

    Upgrade & Harden